The ultimate trash-picking score.We shared our Dumpster diving adventure yesterday on stories, but had to share here, too- since that will disappear if youve never experienced the sheer joy of curbside trash picking-Read on. So Sunday morning, David looks out the window at camp and sees a pile of garbage (with what he thinks are some recognizable legs sticking out)We high-tail it across the yard -and its exactly what wed hoped -Under a pile of plastic, boxes and trash are a stack of nearly century old bentwood chairs (and a Haywood Wakefield Ashcraft drop leaf rattan table)I literally almost needed a paper bag to breathe cause they are the EXACT style we always look for – fitting camps prohibition era heyday. My (some would say) over reaction here Its not just about my bordering OCD need to maintain historic accuracy – or that always want to first try to reduce, reuse, recycle -Its that we nerd out on being able to save things that carry stories and history -Who knows what butts these chairs have seen in the past hundred years- but were thrilled to have scooped them up before the garbage man crushed them (who was already enroute) – we are committed to seeing that they last at least another 50 years (or at least as long as were still kicking and can keep camp up and running to give them a home)