IS THIS YOU?Or someone you know??Ok, guys – were searching for a couple folks (never enough high-season help around here).Find us somebody and well give you a free beer. And a pat on the back, or hug – whichever you prefer.Are you the outdoorsy, rugged type? Wanna earn a six pack while helping to take care of a National Historic Register property? Want to tell your friends that youre working at that place that was on Treehouse Masters (or in the NYT- whichever your mom likes more)?Wanna add some swagger to your wardrobe? (Our staff jackets are literally the greatest things ever, we think – sharing those soon- but were getting off topic).CAMP STAFF SEASONAL HIRING IS NOW OPEN.WE ARE CURRENTLY RECRUITING FOR THESE POSITIONS:CAMPGROUND MAINTENANCE CREW Duties: BEACH RESETTINGRECYCLING ROUNDSRESETTING CAMP FACILITIESFOREST WORKHIKING PATH CLEARINGCAMP GENERALIST- ASSISTANT Duties:DETAILING COMMON SPACESCAMPSTORE / MERCHANDISINGCRAFT CABIN DUTIESRESETTING CAMPGROUNDS CLEANING PROJECTS+ a diverse range of camp-y thingsHOURS & PAY 15 – 25 hours/week. Starting at $10/hour (with room for growth).Note on the starting pay: (before anybody gets mad at us since its only $2.50 more an hour than Wisconsins minimum wage). The folks that choose to work here come for the fun of it, on summer school break, or for hospitality experience on their resume (many think of it as an internship that pays) – thats why its entry level, seasonal & part time with this starting compensation