Did anybody elses grandma keep these in their kitchen? This is our favorite little addition to the little camp guest souvenir shop :The WANDAWEGA WILDLIFE tea towelWe always wanted to make these.Weve been collecting them for years and always wanted our own for camp. A practical staple for the past 70 years here, the tea (kitchen) towel has over the last century established itself firmly as an essential piece of domestic design.Featuring all the little woodland creatures that we share this place with: Deer, fox, geese, chipmunk, beaver, raccoon.Some (might say) trivial Information that we nerd out on:In the mid-20th century, dish-towel designs were updated for the modern household, thanks to improvements in screenprinting techniques and colorfast dyes. Mostly made of cotton or linen, tea towels of the 1940s and ’50s often featured patterns with bright floral shapes, cartoon animals, popular foods, and travel themes.The humble tea towel even eventually made it into the Museum of Modern Arts Good Design exhibition of 1950, and dish towels became a coveted addition to any Mid-Century Modern kitchen.-Collectors Weekly.Just added to the camp store this morning.SOME USES:+Van Gogh used tea towels when he couldnt afford canvas. +As a picnic food carrier+Frame as a piece of art+Line a drink tray +Keep those dishes dry+Just obsessively collect them for no real reason, like we do. SOME DETAILS: +20 x 30 inches+hemmed Printed cotton + comes wrapped in our camp map, tucked in our linen bag and stuffed with our camp swag – things like postcards & stickers.Thanks to our friend Betty of @stemsandforks for the first pic