Taking a minute to introduce folks to our new camp Operations Manager, @chase_kruger97 A lifelong camp and outdoors enthusiast, hes the guy who helps keep all the gears moving here on the grounds (your day-to-day outdoorsman & guy in charge of everything from firewood to camp set up)He comes to us from his last position as Jack of all trades at a Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island(thats on a literal island- he has to boat to and from. Next time youre at camp, help us give him a warm welcome (you cant miss him, hes 65 and in constant uniform of Filson- hes also a collector of vintage camp gear at @cabinfevervtg )(Outfitted here giving us a tour of our Fieldhouse in a favorite antique Woolrich)Welcome to the team, Chase!Thanks for the photos, @bobcoscarelliPlease Note: (update from a concerned party)*The wing pictured here came from a teachers supply company. Like the rest of our taxidermy (which is vintage) it was sourced ethically. We do not condone killing any animals for sport or decor, but instead hope to share them as learning opportunities and to celebrate history (camp is listed on the National Register of Historic Places). To avoid confusion, and to remain respectful – we have since removed it from the field house.