The world is full of summercamps-turned-airbnbs now.(15 years ago we couldnt find a single one as a BnB- @Airbnb changed the game for us all).Its amazing to see this surge of interest for building new camps, restoring old ones, converting old Inns..Because its a way for these old properties to get saved and preserved. And were here for it.These days, we get a DM or email almost weekly from folks that have just closed on their own campground, resort or Bought a farm to convert and are deep in Pinterest bringing their dreams to life (and looking for help/ advice/ tips/ counsel) on how to do it. Our short answer:(That is always followed by as much counsel as we can give) is that there is no singular right way that we know of- everybody has their own unique approach.And If there is a shortcut, we havent found it yet. The good news is that when you jump into something crazy (like buying a 25 acre compound of abandoned buildings like we did) there is no place to go but up. So every day/building / space is a new opportunity to make something better. If you go into it to feed your head and soul (vs your wallet) you will always be creatively fulfilled.So if you love it, do it.Because its absolutely true what they say-the only thing to regret is to never have tried at all.This article popped up in our feed yesterday- Were happy to see that In the sea of new options, were still includedgoing on one hundred years later.Our top two must see favorites from this article: 1. Base Camp in Palm Desert, CA2. Crystal Peak Lookout, Fernwood, Idaho.Support your local Airbnb dreamers, folks! The folks in this article make the hard things look easy. Full Story : Thanks, Erica Owen for the inclusion!