Some things never need to change.Weve always wanted one of those old school ice dispensers youd find in every service staion, marina, & fish market. Come to find out that they have been made by our Wisconsin neighbor LEER since 1952. (They are 100% employee-owned). They made a custom one so we could get our buddy Ches at @RightwaySigns to hand paint ours:CAMPER COURTESYPackaged Crystal Clear ICETwo bags per camper groupTHE ICEMAN COMETH.We also found out that @HomeCityICE is our neighbor, keeping all these old school machines around here stocked (by the same family) since 1924.Since its gonna be 95 today in the shade,It seems to be a good day to fire it up.And also every day is a good day to support local family & employee-owned Wisconsin businesses (no sponsorship needed).*Bailey tried to move in before we stocked it (she was disappointed to get evicted from her little AC dog house during this heatwave were having).