Weve been busy on the newest addition to the camp fleet! Video of before >> Our new groundskeepers mobile headquarters progress is in full swing.sharing a little behind the scenes.Somebody asked us what the hell it is, this is the best we can do: Imagine a mobile 1940s National Park Ranger Station (meets Wes Moonrise set) to haul, hold, & hide camps machines/gear that help keep this place running.Itll also serve a few other duties:hikers trails way finding stationcamp counselor hang out grounds bulletin board Before we could even begin this, my little brother Sam brought his friends – a specialist SWAT team of arborists to take down a few dead trees (they call old dead trees like this widow makers because they were hanging precariously over our hiking trails.They stormed in, got them to them ground, and had them turned to mulch in less time than it takes most folks to get their morning macchiato.It was a lesson in humility to watch them work. Much respect to this crew- Sam Surratt, Frank, Mike Dirksen, & Travis Massie – with help from Brad, Joe, Chase, Ellie, & team.