Can you spot the new addition in this picture?FRESH from the Dairy States favorite historic Ice Cream brand.We are so freakin excited to introduce yall our new custom product:.SCHOEPS Camp Wandawega KAMPER KUPSComes in half pints, two old school flavors: Malted Milk Icecream Vanilla Custard. A MATCH MADE IN WISCO SUMMER HEAVEN:@schoepsicecream was founded just about the same time as Camp Wandawega opened it’s doors. Our first newspaper advertisement in 1925 touted that (then-called) “Wandawega Inn” offered: ‘Boats, smokes ICE CREAM & tasty sandwiches” The Icecream was most likely a local brand, possibly even Schoep’s. So we jumped at the chance to collaborate on a custom two-variety offering.A BRAND WITH A BACKSTORY:We’re obsessed with Schoeps (which was featured on @epicurious for best old school flavors). And we also love a brand with history of local family owned businesses. nearly a century ago, E.J. Schoephoester started making ice cream in the back of his Madison, Wisconsin grocery store with a single hand cranked freezer. Today, Schoeps Ice Cream is still family owned and proudly made in Madison. GRAB A SPOON….and a half pint carrier, and a stack of napkins and spoons- ’cause they’re all custom made to accompany the KAMPER KUPS. when you’re at camp, stop by the Canteen IceCream Freezer & grab one (or 20- our first run was 2000 half pints) more ways that we’re trying to help campers take a step back in time here….also- a big hug of gratitude to our old friend Ches (of @RightwaySigns) for bringing his magic brush & touch to every new project & product we add around this joint.