Its here IRL (last weeks post was a pre-vis)Come on in to the new (old) employee lounge. Its the smallest room, outfitted for the biggest people.Big not just by measure of height – although our Camp Operations Mngr @chase_kruger97 stands nearly 66 – but by the measure of the jobs they do here. The folks that find their way to us take pride in their craft, enjoy the outdoor life, hosting guests,and have found purpose and pride in their work.This room has no key because its open to all.You wont find a time clock in here.But you will find a library of 1940s National Geographics.And a radio with a crappy speaker that sound pretty perfect when Dolly is singing through it. It takes an army.And an army of any size needs a place to hang their hat & kick off their boots.They also need a place that will always have a 6-pack of Hamms (or whatever we pillage from the beer van on any given day).What this room lacks in luxury, it tries to make up for in character.Kind of our motto across the board here at camp.And pretty much everywhere else in life.FAV STRANGE THINGS BEHIND THIS DOOR:> Deadstock 3D Wisco relief map> 50s tramp art craft cabinet (now TV console)> Circa 1965 Naugahyde rust colored sofa can convert to an emergency nap crash pad > HS lockers on FB marketplace score (that are giving us some stranger things vibes, and worked around that)UPDATE REPORT FROM OUR OPERATIONS MNGR, CHASE:We still havent converted the TV to play vintage movies, but were not giving up yet.