This took a long time to get here. But the best things are worth waiting for and take patience.Our search for a historic American manufacture to make our house dishes led us to a company thats been making them since 1871. The folks at Homer Laughlin China dug up their Green Bay Stripe paint color from the archives, and took the time to educate us on the difference between traditional underglaze & real hand pinstriping, versus the fast & cheap methods most employ today in overseas factories.Ours turned out just the way they did over a century ago- because they were made in the same way. In the same beautiful old historic factory.Its not cheap.Or fast.Or easy.We might be crazy, but weve convinced ourselves that eating off of a piece of history somehow makes everything taste just a little better.The plates and cups shown here are part of our collaboration custom line of dishes, we now offer in our campstore. Also- our friend Betty at @stemsandforks (who took these pics for us) makes everything look better than it deserves – even a simple diner plate- thank you, Betty