Leave your mark.Our newest addition to the camp store. We’ve been in love with the little wooden matchbox holders for a long time.Matchboxes were originally made from wood before cardboard, long before the card stock matchbooks of today became the norm.Like many things we over-invest time into around here, these carry a little detail that may only hold meaning to us – when we first bought camp nearly 20 years ago we found 2 wooden boxes of metal stamp letters & numbers. We finally figured out that they were the original house stamps used to mark the storm windows, key fobs, label valve tags – everything that needed to be named and organized in a permanent way. So we felt like it was time to put them back to work by hand stamping each of these little matchbox covers, for each order. For a little light and history in your pocket.HOW THE BOXES ARE MADE:Crafted from German silver (an alloy containing nickel and copper) each piece is handmade. They have a surprisingly substantial heft and feel solid in your hand. With an applied vintage finish, they feel and look like they could have passed through another era.HOW THEYRE SOURCED:Our beautifully rough & simple base box is fabricated by J. Alexander Rustic Silver (whose pieces are inspired by the work of classic Navajo silversmiths from the late 19th and early 20th centuries). Each one is crafted + tooled by artisans using techniques that have been around for generations.HOW THEY ARRIVE:Customized: Hand Stamped + W for Camp (from our house stamp tooling kit). They head out our door in a little stamped linen bag, wrapped in swag – cause if youve met us, were obsessed with the details.HISTORY:The postcard shows silver stamping. Our matchbox cover is not Native American design, but we do love to learn more about this history of the craft. For more on this art shown on the postcard, check out The Smithsonian Institution, National Anthropological Archives Silversmith Hammering Silver on Anvil; Tools Nearby.DEETS:* Hand stamped German silver* 0.5 2.25 1.375 in* stocked with white tip wood matchsticksMake your mark, carry it with you.