Every self respecting historic camp should have one of these-So weve finally got our own to stock the kitchen a couple of years back.They hold 16 oz of pretty much anything come in three colors. (And meant to hold up to all things – including, some say- even being thrown in a campfire. Although we dont recommend that.Like everything we bring to the campstore, we wanted to do our homework on the history of this camp staple. So heres a bit of what we learned about enamelware. It arrived in North America in the 50s.Regional standard decorations:USA: plain enamel & speckled.UK: white enamel with a navy blue brim.SWEDEN: cream with a greenEnamelware is made of steel, so it conducts heat better than other mugs.Thats why IT FEELS HOT IN YOUR HANDS. WARM MUG, WARM HEARTS, FRIENDS.Love,Camp@stemsandforks