sound OnAbout last nightThis never gets oldThe bonfire & having the @studiogang crew here. Weve been hosting their creative retreat for 8 years and after a Covid break, love having them all back. (Architects gather from more countries than we can count to create art, bond, learn & get inspired)We got to be friends with Jeanne Gang and her partner Mark 15 years ago when they took on our home (a former 120 year old decrepit horse stable) we had a crazy notion that they would consider our project (& our shoestring budget)We lived in Davids childhood bedroom in his parents basement for two years while we built it. When we ran out of money, (which happened fast)) we just kept the concrete floors instead of cladding them, outfitted it in IKEA kitchen + baths.then filled it with thrift store, borrowed and gifted furniture. & friends. Weve raised a kid, a dog and a made a life in this house. I heard somewhere once that when you go through the process of building your own house that in the end its the house that builds you. So much truth in that.Lots of times David and I have to split our time for work- soOne of us ends up working from camp One of us at home in the city So last night I sent him this clip of the bonfire he was missing -and he texted me back a surprise shot (we finally got the facade lights turned back after being broken for near three years.We started our home project right around the same time that we bought camp scary on both fronts – and have been trying to keep the midnight oil burning on both.The past 3 years have been too busy making busywork at camp that weve neglected the house that built us. Having the team who built our home here with us at camp has been a good reminder that looking back can help you look forward.2023 is bringing change for us- and illuminating new paths now that we couldnt see before. Were Looking for more ways to prioritize purpose over profit, and excited for what the next season hold (it will mark our 20th season of resurrecting & building camp)And were not gonna let our light dim again. *Jeannes reaction at the end of clip, #priceless