We couldnt find them.Weve been searching for a match maker to make these for at least a dozen years… with no luck for years.Turns out that manufacturing was banned because the methods they used to make them were starting fires in the factories making them.So we finally found a maker who found a way to print them again with a match factory in Germany! So after lots of screwing up the design and rebuilding it again- we finally figured out how to make our own little people book version. Feature matches were popular from the 1940s-60s (these days, you can still find them in antique stores, eBay and collector sites).Ours feature:> Map to find this teeny lake> The top 9 activities to do here> Our mantra ALL ARE WELCOME…> People Diversity that the old school feature matchbooks didnt ever include, but should have. Sadly, most advertising from the 30s to the 60s only depicted one race and orientation.MATCHBOOKS are under-rated tools: campfire building smores making lantern lighting *Smokey says he will break your legs if you dont use these with caution & respect for the environment.sold in pairs of 2 in our campstore.Photos 1,4,6,10 by the lovely Betty @stemsandforks