Does anybody else remember these from their childhood?I grew up seeing them in my dads welding shop, my grandpas barn, and grandmas garden shed. They were a staple of rural midwestern childhood. Every lumber yard, cabin, and camp had them. But you cant find them anymore. So we started looking years ago and finally found the OG maker: Fulton Corp. Theyve been in operation since 1906 making match strikes out of the same factory in the little town of Fulton, Illinois. They also still manufacture old school supplies for hardware stores, lumber yards, & farm stores. We found some of their original factory photos and this excerpt in the Fulton Journal, December 8, 1916: A splendid industry founded in 1905, and among the articles of utility that was first invented and made was a handle dustpan.They were commonplace because they were free promotional giveaways that feed stores & rural businesses would give to their customers to stay top of mind.Ours is anything but fancy. Just like us. One of our favorite, simple little additions to our little camp 1/3/8 by @stemsandforks