Fall season is coming for us!As were prepping for a full couple of months, were also deep in planning for our annual upgrades well be offering for spring season.Starting with the Canteen, to augment our daily brew, were in ideation for our new little brew your own coffee station. (Cause not everybody loves our basic black offering).Were making room in our little coffee corner to stock it with a dozen new options to self-brew a cup at a time. (And for the days when guests get up earlier than we do & the big pots not yet percolating). Its still gonna be free, just a little step up.Heres our running list of options so far, catering to the different drinkers here, and asking ourselves & guests:WHAT KIND OF DRINKER ARE YOU?FANCY PANTS:* LAVAZZA espresso* CAFE BUSTELLO* ILLY Classico OLD SCHOOL:* FOLGERS 1850 classic* MAXWELL HOUSE house blend* KRISPY CREME MODERN URBAN:* STARBUCKS Pike Place* DUNCAN breakfast coffee regular TEA:* TAZO English breakfast* TWININGS Earl Grey* BIGELOW peppermintHOT CHOCOLATE:* SWISS MISS* ENTENMENNS* HERSHEYSCIDERS:* MOTTS hot cider* GREEN MOUNTAIN spiced apple Photos by @bobcoscarelli and @aimeemazzenga+ mug shot by @stemsandforks