An example for the rest of us.Diana Dvila (owner chef of @mitocoyo)Is a GIVER.We all saw how Covid was tough on small hospitality businesses (especially restaurants) – she kept everybody on payroll, and later turned her restaurant into a foodbank for undocumented restaurant workers.And shes still giving back – she just brought her crew here for a team overnight – continuing her show of support for the people who support her & her partner Joe. It was just announced that the new IRON CHEF Mexico just came out – were rooting hard for her and the whole @mitocaya family ABOUT THE TODOS PONEN PROJECT :They team up with Chicagos Top Chefs and local non-profits in 2021 to1) Raise awareness to the lack of COVID-19 relief aid for undocumented restaurant workers – the backbone of the hospitality industry.2) Provide free meals for the community while simultaneously employing undocumented restaurant workers and keeping the supply chain between restaurants and local farmers and vendors intact. 3) Host a series of interview with fellow chefs in Chicago.Donations are needed to fund this initiative, feed those in need, and advocate for those without a voice. Visit @mitocaya site to learn more & support.