WE SURPRISES(Especially giving them away, like we are today)Today were announcing our new custom house coffee collab! We partnered with our Wisco neighbors, @nordskovcoffee to create something we like to share- a good cup.whats hidden inside, something every outdoor enthusiast needs. A tiny metal capped glass vialaffixed with our Camp Provisions labelsealed inside you’ll find one of four miniature, functional camp tools :* Working compass* Folding pocket knife* Hand-tied fly fishing lure* Pair of tiny dice The labels are hand stamped on 1950s deadstock manilla tags. Tucked inside are one of a limited edition postcard series we call AMERICAN STORIES: THE COFFEE DRINKERS – courtesy of the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs We’re gifting a bag each to our #WandawegaHillhouse guests And giving a bag away to another coffee lover here. (Followers who tag a friend in their comment below- picking a winner this week)ABOUT THE WANDAWEGA COFFEE BLEND:Article: Whole Bean CoffeeProducer: Nordskov, Whitewater, WI Blend: CZYTasting: Praline, Cocoa, Candied Lemon Profile: Medium RoastAmount: 8oz / 227GProcess: VariousABOUT THE MAKER @nordskovcoffee SOURCING: “Our partners are coffee producers and importers that build their businesses around quality. They also positively impact society and the Earth we share. When you choose coffee from specialty roasters like Nordskov it helps make the coffee industry, one historically hard on people and planet, more just, resilient, and flavorful. You will only find specialty grade coffees at Nordskov. ROASTING: “Raw coffee beans with beautiful natural flavors are the starting point. We create a gentle roast profile for each coffee so you to taste the bean, not the roast. This is the Nordic style. It is a demanding approach that produces nuanced flavorful coffees & clean notes (fruity, nutty, spicy, sweet, herbal and/or floral) We tread lightly on the Earth.Our roaster is fueled by 100% electric power, produces very little CO2 and prevents smoke from entering the roast chamber, or the atmosphere. Better results; less impact”First 3 pics @stemsandforks Logos @joshuaminnich