Nice to meet you!We never want to assume that anybody cares to see our mugs hamming for the camera, but were told introducing yourself to new friends, followers, and guests at least once a year is the polite thing to do to.So here goes:David & Tereasa hereWe bought this nearly condemned camp 18 years ago to save it from becoming a trailer park.Or a gravel pit.(It was well on its way to both).We have a baby girl named Charlie whos 11 going on 16.And a dog (Frankie) whos 16.We are your Camp Directors.Investing every free dollar and minute (outside of our day jobs) to keep this nearly 100-year-old labor of love standing.We love saving old buildings.We love sharing camp with like minded creative folks.We love people who love roughing it.Youve never seen us post a selfie because weve always preferred to shine the spotlight on the contributions of other people that pass through this place.But we do want to extend a hand to the newcomer followers.Were small-ball mom & pop.We keep this place going on a boot string with a network of extended family and friends, and by supporting other local small business owner partners (including a few folks whove been with us since the beginning).We are here for:creative community.artists in residence.passion & purpose over profit.guests who are into being self-sufficient.We welcome all.But first require all to read ourManifesto of Low Expectations.If you can handle the reality of going to a campground that has no concierge services, nobody to carry your duffle bag to your tent, nobody to light your camp fire for you, nobody to hand you a business card or a room key..then you sound like our kind of camper.Our guests embrace the DIY spirit here & we only accommodate on first come, first serve.We cant figure out how weve ended up on these greatest lists, because the only thing we will admit were great at, is being honest about being no frills and DIY.If you are, too – then welcome to our home.Love,Tereasa & DavidDirectors, Proprietors, & Accidental Innkeepers.Est.1925