Looking for inspiration ?Hit up @the_shopkeepers Then.Take a road trip.Last week we cross-crossed what felt like every inch of Sicily in a ridiculously small stick shift- Hitting up every back street, side street, tiny town and city- in search of inspiration in the form of tiny storefronts. Historic shops and their keepers.Soaking up how merchants show their wares.Their hand painted signs. Their cramped cafe tables.Little windows overflowing with merchAll fueled by the constant flow of espresso in impossibly tiny cups. There is a humility in these itsy-bitsy worn old store front windows layers of paint telling their stories of so many different lives and livelihoods theyve held over the decades.Wanna take a mental vacation ?You gotta go visit our daily obsession :@the_shopkeepers So what else are we up todriving all over Timbuktu ?Working on a long time dream, taking the long view, the long road- and loving the drive to get there. Taking our time in an old school, slow-as-hell tiny stick shift.