THIS GIVES US LIFE..A little BTS with our first artist in residence :Chris Brown of @refueled.magazine, Documented by @stevenvisneauphotography.Reminding us what we are here for, and what we have this place for. To shine a spotlight on other folks & their creativity. .More soon.Speaking of communityThis first shot is our Office. In the spirit of sharing, were in the process of converting it to now be for guest use. (David & I decided that we dont need our own Camp Directors room just for us, since we work everywhere)We welcome campers to the Wandawega business Office. Its here for campers to sneak off to do a private zoom meeting, call, or to type a letter to loved ones at home. We are going to keep the drawers stocked with typewriter paper & ribbons, pens, postcards, stamps and our new Official Camp Stationary (now finally in the works!).This desk holds special meaning to us.When we first bought camp, it was the Office desk for the priest who ran this place for the church. (It was in his bedroom, overflowing with sermons, bibles, binders of congregation residents, key boards, and cards).When we were cleaning it out, we found an original Wandawega Inn business card stuck in the back drawer. And rubber stamps lining its inner wooden drawers. Years later, we found a photo of the main lodge dining hall and discovered this desks original use – it was the welcome host desk, parked right at the front door.Nearly a century later, we feel like its fitting to share it with everyone who comes here. Whoever sits behind this desk we welcome to sign the ledger, leave a note, leave your mark. We want to fill this room with good karma in the spirit of sharing more. Less silos, more community. This little room is just the beginning.Cant wait to share more spaces with you this coming season. Love,Tereasa & David