Every once in a while you stumble across a post that youve been tagged in thats unexpected.From somebody youve never met – who just goes out of their way to be kind.And then Sometimes subconsciously -you commit yourself all over again to whats in your head & heart tell you that you what should be doing. it reinforces your Why.This note from a stranger is ours today. .That weve been able to create a little space that would inspire somebody to the point that they would travel to stay here just means the damn world to us. We try to hold up our end of the bargain once they get here- (cause photos on Instagram over-promise SO much with wide angles, deceptively clean-looking boats, art directed bookshelves) The reality is that this place has always – and will always- carry with it a good old coat of summercamp dirt. And that like anything that is a hundred years old, every thing is in some need of repair.The rooms are smaller IRL (everything is)Most things havent been updated since the Hoover administration.Which is why we have our required reading before we take bookings : our M.L.E. manifesto of low expectations. We just keep trying our best to keep it all standing.This is a screen grab from @mothermoocreamerys post last week sending a big hug of gratitude to all our visitors whove came from far-fetched places to pay us a visit over the past 18 years.Yall are always welcome back.Were not going anywhere, Wandawega is not a temporary second job or a place were looking to maximize revenue from & then flip for profit. Its our home that also happens to run partially as a business as well at times.If youre into the same things we are (Preserving history, creating community, fostering creativity) then we think youll like it here. …@homecomingretreats, yall are doing something right