PLAY YOUR HAND.There has been a long tradition of gambling here at Camp Wandawega, dating back to our rathskellar during prohibition. This room (right off the dininghall) was originally a gambling room- where you could go to get bootlegged whiskey during prohibition) By the time we had taken over – it had been a bedroom for decades – so we finally decided to go back to its original purpose and turn it back into a gambling den.To be filled with sinners and vices.So we thought it was also a good time that we made it official and got our own deck of cards. These are inspired by the “Sportman’s” sets from the 1920’s.Our faces are the first advertising photo of camp, taken from the lake in 1925, when the “Wandawega Hotel” first opened its doors.The Joker card features our own camp Mascot, Frankie. Enjoy responsibly. DETAILS Cards are standard deck size (2.5″ x 3.5″) Cards have linen finish Each box sealed with luck and Wisconsin Gamer’s sealFirst two pics @stemsandforks Last shot @bobcoscarelli