LOOK WHAT WE JUST FOUND Holy Crap – Zoom in. Then scroll right then zoom in again.Just found this next picture of our Sunporch on a post somewhere- thought something in the room looked off- then realized that its not our lakeview cabin – its a tiny scaled model replica of it that this artist in Austria(whose middle name is Teresa) built. Down to the freaking tiny books on the shelves.Now of course I want her to build one of the canteen – because Im obsessed with tiny things – as we all need a miniature can on Manwich in our lives. Or at least I might Dear@oeufoeufdesigns -We havent met, but Im obsessed with the tiny worlds you build. (Last picture is the shot that socially made its way across the world when @countrylivingmag shared it in their feed- shot by @bobcoscarelli )