Well- I was not prepared to happy cry this early in the morning – But then read @jessica.eileen.drogosz last post (about how a young couple met- And I just cant. Handle. )Jess has spent the last couple of days here.- and has shared more on the unbelievable story of how an elderly couple made the universe align for these two young strangers a single act that set off a string of events that would change all of their lives forever.It needs to be a movie.So Im spending time with Jess.Weve been learning that she is a storyteller who witnesses, captures & documents other peoples feelings- to help them find a way to hang onto them (deeply) to help be in the moment – to make other folks feel something What she sees and grabs in her lens just happens to show up sometimes in the form of a photo.So I just found this posted (scroll ) this morning .. she strung together a series of these little feelings. So we can relive them- she an empath and a medium who channels her compassion through her lens.And well (*welp)Lets just say that this is something that we are going to hang onto.If youre looking for someone to help show you what you may be missing- help bottle up the fleeting moments- shes your girl