Nothing we love more than promoting small local businesses and historic places in the Chicago area.So we were geeked to be asked by @CrainsChicagoBusiness to give a shout out to some of our favorites for the holiday gift guide. First up: if youre married to an architecture fanatic like I am, get them a Wright Tours package:TravelWright (operated by the not-for-profit @flwtrust ) offer the Wright in Wisconsin trip package, a guided tour of Wingspread, the SC Johnson complex in Racine and five other iconic Frank creations. It includes a stay at a fine hotel, the best local cuisine and expert Frank Lloyd Wright Trust guidesMy favorite stop on this tour is hands down the offices of SCJohnson: The Great Workroom circa 1939, AKA the Lily pads. Its 22,000 sq ft makes you feel like youre under a lake looking up through a surface of gigantic lilies. (Scroll to last shot here for our bonus recco for this one). Next up is the best gift for Mad Men fans on your list – David Ogilvy, Confessions of an Advertising Man. And for folks looking for an affordable, accessible gift of culture + science, you gotta see the incredible Art of the Bicycle Exhibit at @msichicago (To check out 3 pages of ideas, head over to ) of our favorite products from our favorite artisans and businesses:@fieldnotesbrand@redbellyhoney@sprouthomechicago@lulacafe@sparrowforeveryone @tatineofficial @drinkmisoo @lori_seidemann @WasteNotCompost@finney____finney bonus idea! The new Frank Lloyd Wright @SteelCase Racine collection furniture inspired by the great workroom (last pic)by rendering art direction @sagereed_Thank you, @janmparr