The virtues of being a Jack/Jill of all trades Anybody in a business as small as ours will tell you that everyone has to wear a lot of hats. (We just call them aprons here). Where I grew up, we called em nail aprons every lumberyard gave them out when you picked up your load. But my dad used them for everything.Like most things around here, ours are not fancytheyre just made to work. The only redeeming quality may be that weve found them useful for pretty much everything.The quality of being good at lots of things is something we look for in the folks that we hire here. (The Swiss Army knives vs the specialists who hold precious a single task).The folks that roll up their sleeves and start with the yes and. The creative problem solvers and the self starters. Those are our people, and the ones who wear this apron. (Hell, we might have just found a new name for it).The WE CAN DO THATTHATS TOTALLY POSSIBLEYES AND!HERES AN IDEAThose may suck but whatever the hell motivates you to be a builder of solutions. The do-er of things. The one who removes barriers. Weve been doing a lot of interviewing the last couple months for new positions for new opportunities here- its made us appreciate this apron more, what it means, and the new additions to our team who will be wearing them in our seasons to come.Came across a qoute recently that keeps coming to mind – as it seems to apply to so much of everything:You can become overwhelmed with the complexity of a challenge, or you can start to fall in love with creative solutions for how to solve for it.We choose falling in love.And were here for the lovers. Theyll be the ones these aprons fit. (Very few) DETAILS (more on our camp store) made with heavy duty canvas, multiple pockets that hold as much as the wearer is inspired to (and capable of) carrying. measures 18″ x 9″- fits every race, gender, shape, & age.