Had a blast chewing the fat with the guys at @JoinersPod They invite folks in to Explore the world of Hospitalitywith hosts @thtierney of @stockmfgco & @Dashfast of @ScofflawWe covered everything from the origins of our little dininghall (and the madame who ran it) to the benefits of a self-imposed 3:30 am morning bugle call. We talked about making drinks, making friends in the Chicago restaurant community. Architecture, art – and creative inspiration. Their series has hosted some of our old buddies ( @juanmanjuan @mindysegal among them) and some folks we look forward to meeting ( @paul_virant & @chefbillkim are topping our list !)We joke that old lodge kitchen hasnt been updated since the Hoover administration so were damn lucky to have had some of the most talented chefs not just make do here, but embrace this old joint to make magic happen – a testiment to their talent & low-maintence Can do attitude.The Joiners is a fun hour to take in, and they always seem to get a diverse revolving cast of characters as guests. We feel lucky to have been one of them, especially since the only thing we think that weve mastered in the world of hospitality is owning up to our shortcomings.