Its whats inside that counts. Ode to the thing you hope you never have to use.- The lowly poncho.The most under appreciated utilitarian tool every self respecting scout has in their pack.You gotta love something that can swing from serving as a make-shift ground cover to a pseudo coat to an emergency sleeping bag sheath all in the same miserable day.Every American vacation attraction (from the National Parks to Dollywood) had their own customized version back in the day.All seams are electronically welded (we have zero idea what that means, but that’s what the manufacturer touts as their primary redeeming attribute)The rest of the fancy details :+ Full cut for proper fit+ Roomy hood+ Snaps all-around!+ Vast selection (of 2 colors) 1. Royal 1970s blue 2. Boy Scout Red COMING SOON:Fisherman’s yellow Hunter’s safety orange We decided to make our own because were superficially obsessed with the old school packaging that these tourist staples used to come in. And you just cant find them like that anymore, anywhere. In our obsessive research, we stumbled across this excerpt from the 1930 Boy Scouts of American Department of Scout Supplies catalog :in planning your camping equipment be sure to include one of these ponchos. Will give you splendid service. Can also be used as a ground blanket or shelter tent.Its a utility that everybody takes for granted – until they dont.This big brother to a leaf bag may end up being your best friend when you find yourself in the back acres here or in the middle of the lake in a canoe when a thunderstorm hits. It happens around here. Our comes with a handy-dandy reusable snap-Closure vinyl case, emblazed with our Storm-Pruf insignia. Packaging card also includes awkward illustrations of people sleeping under *fancy trash bags, wearing them like its some sort of style statement and fashioning tents out of them.Be prepared for anything, Scouts.We cant promise how long these will last.(Either in the camp store, or physically out in the wilderness)*BONUS! Comes with an equally basic free comb, you are welcome. Just added to the camp store this morning.