Were working on our artist in residency program for 2023!We love to host and support visiting Artists-@sethfite has been one of our favorites so far. More about his story and backgroundSeth Fite was born in Bolton, England. Only his earliest years were spent there, and the family returned to Ohio. He and his sister showed ability in drawing at a young age. Together they were heavily influenced by the American illustrators of the Golden Age and the stories they depicted. Seths grandfather, having been raised in the Brandywine Valley, urged him to look to the Wyeths for inspiration. Eventually, he learned classical painting under Beth Schott, a Cincinnati painter. At this time he began studying Rembrandt, Velazquez, and the Cincinnati master, Frank Duveneck. Fite remained her student five years before attending the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration. In 2019 he was accepted as a student to the master painter, Odd Nerdrum, and began learning Nerdrums philosophy at his studio in Norway. Fite currently paints in various locations across America and works out of his studio school, The Louisville School of Painting, in Louisville, Kentucky.The photos shared here (sans first portrait) are those that he captured while he visited here at camp- ro learn more, visit @louisvilleschoolofpainting