That one time that we walked Betsy (a 1400 pound heffer into the Lakeview cabin) & only stopped when the floorboards started to collapse under her..That the snow-makers from FARGO moved into for 5 days in a 90 degree summer to make snow to pull off a holiday shoot..That a 5-story bunkbed was erected on the picnic hill, and filled with kids and one very scared dogthat Nikki Taylor came to model and gave our property manger a hug that almost made him pass out.that Frankie make it clear to us that he hates wearing holiday sweaters almost as much as he loathes cashmere goats.that the trees had custom hand-knit sweaters made for them, every corner of camp was turned into Christmas in July-. And it ended up taking over a block of State Street windows during the holidays.Tis the season