The first step is admitting it.HI.have an addiction to buying Christmas ornaments. Hit up a half dozen souvenir gift shops at the @smithsonian campus yesterday & took home a haul that may cause us to have to now put up another tree. That – um- may make four in our house. (Im being told thats overkill, but holiday spirit is a great post rationalizing device).Sharing a couple of this seasons growing forest here. And then digging through our past fav city / home tree files (yes, its a thing) these are some past loves. Charlie & Frankie hands down are the best tree accompaniments – her first Christmas . Then The time we decided it would a good idea to make a tree on the outside of the house with those little fake flicker candle things and nearly broke a hip trying to get them down.Last pic: TB to that time we hauled a small grove of holiday trees to @msichicago to co-host a camp themed takeover slumber party. For 700 kidsIm for sure heading towards being that crazy lady who leaves the holiday lights up all year.