36 hours in NYC. A top 10 photo dumpWe are only ever here for work – so this time we tagged 36 hours on the tail end for some fam time. here are our a few of our go to spots for camp – and life – Inspiration.1 @russanddaughters – for the breakfast.2 @mcsorleysoldalehouse – for the best room in the oldest bar. 3 @doublerl – for the windows i want to move into.4 @whalebonemagazine (for the @accidentallywesanderson collab) 5 CENTRAL PARK- always.6 @balthazarny – for the gigantic latte mugs 7 SOHO @nike – for the @struggle_inc line8 @momadesignstore gift shop – for the inspiration9 @mcrowcompany at @bddw_etc for theeverything. (must follow)10 @economycandy – restocking the Canteen We hit up all the things Charlie (and we) wanted her to see again (times square. the Plaza.) Then dragged her to the Tenement museum so she could learn about her great great grandmother’s journey to America. To learn what perseverance, grit & gratitude looks like.Fast and short trip- got home late & tired – but worth it if you can carve out the time this holiday – I followed up with a quick trip to DC for a research – to the @smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. (Cant recommend the “Americans” exhibit enough- I visit every time Im in the area to keep learning)