COPPER POSTCARDS were a popular tourist souvenir in the 50s -70s at roadside attractions- they were the type of affordable little memento that joints like the Wandawega Hotel would have offered guests back then. If youve ever met us, you know that we have a soft spot for the little things that were made in the U.S. by small businesses.So we tracked down the current generation still running the family shop that makes these.{ who are so charmingly old school that they still do business via phone, fax, and snail-mail }They sent us a Xerox copy of a clipart page from the 60s with designs to pick from.And presto! Our little copper postcard dreams just came true, stocked up in our campstore.We love supporting other small businesses.Especially during the holidays.And *most* especially these multi-generation families that still make the smallest things that time forgot.Heres to the little things that stand a chance of getting saved, to one day remind us of that one vacation we took, decades ago.