A blizzard is coming.So we are wrapping this up just in the nick of time -Welcome to our new little RANGER STATION. AKA: our new groundskeepers mobile HQ Weve been asked more than once what this little building is thats parked ij the back acres at our trail head – this is the best way we know how to describe it:Imagine a mobile 1940s National Park Ranger Station (meets Wes Moonrise set) to haul, hold, & hide camps machines/gear that help keep this place runningItll also serve a few other duties:hikers trails way finding stationcamp counselor hang out grounds bulletin board We are finishing outfitting then inside & stocking it up- (looking for vintage gear lockers still) but for now its in winter hibernation, keeping our camp gear safe from this blizzard that we read is on the way. During the high season, we can pull it from location to location, to meet the needs of our never-ending project list. While its registered and licensed, were not planning any road trips : )