This is for all my fellow holiday crafters.So were knee-deep revamping the new craft selections in our C.C,C. (Camp Craft Cabin) And its got me thinking about seasonal versions – so I started digging back into favorite holiday craft projects Ive done for camp in Christmass past:So to kick it off early, sharing this Camp Holiday Edition some of my favorites that were made on assignment or in partnership with brands and magazines that we love: @Anthropologie @Better homes and gardens @Sweet Paul, Flea Market Style Magazine, Glossed & Found HERE:No.1: Custom local syrup (signed & numbered bottles wrapped in local prohibition era newspaper).No.2: Collab with @Anthropologie – mens holiday gift box candle.No.3: Custom PBN Holiday wrapping paper for a mag story .No.4: Evergreen tablescape for flea Market style mag.No.5: Graphite lllustration of my favorite hometown Victorian a for holiday card .No.6: Drawing / leaf decor craft project for Sweet Paul magazine.No.7: PBN Stationary design commission for press feature.No.8: New Years cocktail recipe for a Glossed & Found feature .No.9: Packaging for Maple syrup year II ( in custom wooden crates with recipes books).No.10: Christmas cards (printed felt lined wooden shields, wool liners). We are endlessly inspired by the friends who are makers – and makers whove become friends. One of my new years resolutions is to take the time to make more of the little handmade things. The hand crafted things. Its all part of ongoing research to bring these opportunities to our guests in seasons to come.More to come !