Early Christmas present!!(Sneak peek!!)Weve always wanted a cedar barrel sauna – the kind that can fit four guests and use all year. And now Its almost finished! (First pic from the doorway – it overlooks the lake- second pic shows its current perch near the Hillhouse )Our fav part:The full smoked amber dome on the side end to frame the view overlooking camp (and the lake in the distance)Just in time to use this (blizzard) winter.Now the fun part: shopping to outfit it with accessories & gear.What are we missing??Towels Those weird retro hatsRadioAromatherapy dish Suana kit (ladle & bucket )Thermometer ???Cant wait to break it in & share!!!We havent decided its final forever spot on the grounds, but luckily we dont have to (its under 1k lbs so we can just move it around with the tractor).