THE GREAT PURGEWho will also admit to watching the show Hoarders ?This fall, we started binge-watching The Home Edit, Get Organized, Tidying Up – all of them. CONFESSION: There are a couple rooms in the lodge basement that weve kept secret. The sign on the door says KEEP CLOSED for good reason. Up until now, this has been one of our most-neglected workspace / inventory back stock / storage/catch all spaces. We cant pinpoint the exact time that we let it get to this point.(admittedly, a combo of perpetuating bad habits, settling, procrastination, turning a blind eye all the things) But as they say, admitting it is the first step to fixing it.So 2023 is the year of setting new dreams, hopes & standards- its been all hands on deck gutting these rooms (weve donated a truck bed to thrift charity) – were down to the studs – in complete renovation mode:Trading order for chaos in this back of house(so every little thing will now have a beautiful, organized forever home) We took a team poll for what they would like in this new space, and were excited to make it happen. This remodel (among another half dozen projects that are running in parallel paths) are all part of our efforts in fresh systems & processes.Our hope for everyone out there is for them to bring their new years resolutions to fruition- to improve things in your life, whatever that looks like for you.Sending out good vibes for manifesting what you want the most. – Ours is to bring organized beauty to all of our spaces & ways of working- streamlining operations starts with a clean (beautiful) slate. Heres to embracing fresh starts with joy creating new spaces, to be filled with happy plans, people & products.With a side of coffee. #sparkjoy