Snoop in the bathroom cabinets.Its renovation season. Were on a mission tick off all our restoration & build projects.The guest bath off the old main lodge has been on our list for a dogs age (Sometimes you just gotta to tear things down to build them back better)Everything in every room has a story- here are few in this little one, in the old main lodge.-Oak panelling from our friends at @DeconstructionInc from buildings being demolished -Antique sink & faucet from the basement of an old man in Chicago who has hoarded them for decades-The picture nails are blacksmith forged nails-The wire on the antique oil portraits we pulled off of victorian frames (theyre blacker and heavier with patina you cant fake)- The window and closet trim was made by a Catholic volunteer in camps former life-The shower curtain are drapes that we found in a 1960s time capsule office -Inside the medicine cabinet, youll find a story on every label, box and bag (even the paper wrap on the camp toilet paper roll tells the backstory of the Northwoods paper mills of the 1920s)Theres a story on everything here.Were here to tell as many of them as we can for as long as we can. For other folks like us who like to peel back the layers.