Musical Camp.Music here comes in all forms.We try to outfit guests every way we can, From Dolly playing over the scratchy camp PA system, to stocking the Jukebox in the lodge with old country to 70s pop. Some rooms have a portable 8-track player, while others you might find a record player, vintage radio, or instruments to pick up. The soundtrack in the Canteen pipes out classic 70s, while the plan were hatching for the music box is to stock it with cassette mix tapes.Our podcast series for American Getaway is all custom music by various Nashville artists that we love.Someday (hopefully this season) well get our playlist together to share.Stay tuned. See what we did there? ….Photography here by:@nathanmichael @_lyndonfrench_ @aimeemazzenga @erikengstromphoto (Please DM us if weve accidentally not credited all the talented photographer whove contributed, we try to support them all)