Support art. Friends. And friends who create art. Our friend the talented @pelejoez shot a film here- a beautiful, personal story about brotherhood and blood. (Scroll for some of his outtakes)His work is gorgeous and deep – worth a follow to see all that he creates.Here is Peles description of his inspiration and the films meaning:BrotherhoodOne of the first lessons I learned is that blood can mean very different things to many different people. As a child of abuse, ive often ached and chased for a certain loyalty or companionship. Ive loved any movie or book that had friends that were always there. Over the course of my life Ive found those ties. Real friendship, a brotherhood, people I can tell anything to, real men, who experience a range of emotions and are vulnerable to share. We accept each other’s boundaries and it’s healthy. Healthy has been such a foreign concept to me. Special thanks to Tereasa and David at @campwandawega and their amazing team. Shout out to @laurens_pretty_frank for the intro. Thank you @gidepat @ruskin_ck and @londonyuji for spending your day with me. (summer 2021). Love PJ#blackisbeautiful