Wandawega at the MoMa ?!Its amazing what youll find when you fall down the rabbit holeDaniel J. Sandin (born 1942) is an artist, designer and internationally recognized pioneer in electronic art. He also grew up on our little lake here. Here he is over the years- fond of all manner of hats it seemsIn 1979, @MoMA displayed his work called Wandawega WatersAbout the piece:It begins as a personal documentary, complete with voice-over, soon surface ripples and underwater fish become solarized abstractions, though they still look organic. More about Dan:In 1969, Sandin developed a computer-controlled light and sound environment, called Glow Flow, at the Smithsonian Institution. He then became a Professor Emeritus of the School of Art & Design at University of Illinois at Chicago.We love the layers of history and art here that keep revealing themselves we are always uncovering more connections to the creative community just under the surface of these shallow waters.Photos: MoMA, Clark Dodsworth.@ever_winding_path