Hanging onto things.If you know us at all,Or have been here,You know that we have a love of old things.Midwestern, blue collar, Friday night fish fry things. Old School supper club, Wisconsin dive bar things.They show up on our dining hall paper placemats , in our beer van, on our half broken flickering bar signs, on matchbooks & taster glasses. On our bars and coasters, on the scruff of our staff jacket lapels.Functional things built to last. Made in America.Its not the physical things that have a way at pulling at us.Its the memories they hold of a time when things were just- easier. These little things remind us of a time when social meant the time we spent together around the campfire, bar and ice fishing shack.That there was a time that we wrote to each other with postcards.It took effort.We hang onto the befores around here,They bring to mind that the things our grandparents enjoyed on their modest Midwestern lake vacations are the same things we still love, too. I would have liked to have a beer with my grandfather when he was my age.Ill bet he was a good time. In the meantime, Im hanging on to his beer steins, Whiskey mallard decanter & beat-to-hell duck decoy. He made his own fishing nets, taught me how to shoot a 28 gauge & drive a stick shift before I could reach the clutch of his Ford pickup.Heres to hanging onto things….Pics : all around camp- last one is such a doppelgnger to grandpa Glenn I thought it was him when I came across it- his favorite beer and all.