Wanna come this season?We open up remaining rentals this morning!Every year we hold/ block our calendar while we finalize our all-camp takeovers. Then in the spring, we open up remaining spots for anybody to snatch up on airbnb. (For smaller groups and invididual cabins)PLEASE NOTE:All bookings are DIY on a first come-first-serve. Sorry- were too small to have a concierge, phone or anybody to help anybody.We open up at a different time each year. The date is determined by everything from mother nature (and our) moods to our own sanity levels, the zodiac. So this year were thinkin early May.THE FINE PRINT: for the bigger creative brands & big dreamers- if you wanted to do an all-camp takeover retreat- we always hold a couple secret squirrel weekday window blocks in our back-pocket, (we dont announce those dates, so just DM us)AndABOUT THE MIDNIGHT DIPPERS Everybody in! You gotta zoom in on these (check out the dog’s expression looking longingly before he jumps in too)Alex & Olivia ended their best-day-in-their-lives party with everybody taking the leap. We couldnt love these moonlight swimmers night more. These are the moments these folks are gonna remember forever.The lovely @oolliivviiaa, Alex and friends captured by@indiaearl