WHAT IS OLD IS NEW AGAIN.(Aka: what 80 year old linoleum tiles look like before)>>> 5th slide (yes, bringing back the beauty of our budget lodge of 1920s-1940s flooring makes me weirdly emotional) Were discovering that this process is sorta like cleaning a century old oil painting, we thought that our floors where just created to be this dark color by design.After research provided by the State of Wisconsin,And finding the original linoleum tile maker (from the 40s) we found the tile ID- and found out that was actually several shades lighter And all of these decades of waxing it had been adding to the layers of surface that aged it more, giving it a patina much deeper than was ever meant to be. @forboflooringsystems Were peeling back the decades now. And restoring the bathroom floors as I type this. The restoration of historic tiles is sometimes more expensive than just throwing new pergola over the top. But it wouldnt turn back the clock if we did that. We just finished the bunk house/brothel lounge, bedroom floors, hallway. Its like somebody just turned on the light. @travelwisconsin @wisconsinhistoricalsociety to learn more see: wisconsinhistory.org/Records/Article/CS4201