>> That time Michael Cera tried to lead us in Changes” on our busted piano – but he was the only one of us who could remember the lyrics. Weve had a good bit of music here over the years. Everything from @corinnebaileyrae doing a set on the beach. @ErinRaeMusic doing a record release set in the lodge, @camcountry by the bonfire. (And, yes, as you’d expect Michael Cera tried his hand at just about every instrument he could find).Serenades on the beach, karaoke in the lodge. Chris Connely (Pigface, Revolting Cocks, Ministry) pulling together the Lake Wandawega Resort Band and creating an outdoor studio to record the album The Episodes, featuring a who’s who of colleagues Tim Kinsella @gootiming Nate Kinsella, Ben Vida, Adam Vida, Ben Massarella, Jason Adasiewicz members of Califone, Joan of Arc, Town & Country, US Maple, etc.The Empires, Margot & the Nuclear So & So, @emmettmulrooney and so many more. Most of the time its totally impromptu – kind of how everything is around here. (Like the time Glenn Kotche of Wilco played some pots and pans in the kitchen)Sometimes the less-planned things are the things we remember the most.Musical accompaniment by @mattg0re