Chair obsession continued(Last one, cause we could share for a week and not hit em all)Today were taking it old school, the more traditional lodge/camp round up of some of the rag tag chairs youll find around hereWARNING: (If you arent also a chair design geek, this post is gonna bore the hell out of you)If you nerd out like we do on hunting down old things like we do, continue.How well do you know your chairs?(Line up the shot with the maker/ era-): Steelcase : Thonet bentwood : Heywood Wakefield : Old Hickory Co: Antique GirlScout camp: Bayer of Maine : Upholstered & chrome diner: Wicker : U of Chicago Captains : Custom Leather Chesterfield …ANSWERS(What & Where)(No peeking )……No.1 : Old Hickory Co- 1900sFOUND: FB marketplace No.2 : Steelcase – 1940sFOUND: circle of friends thrift store, Elkhorn No.3: Vintage Leather Chesterfield (upholstered in pheasant feathers by yours truly)FOUND: Craigslist No.4 : std issue GirlScout camp- 1970sFOUND: Facebook marketplace No.5 : Military campaign folding chair 40s?FOUND: camp juniper knoll auction No.6 : Old Hickory Co- woven seat FOUND: @elkhornantiquefleamarket No.7 : Wicker – 1800sFOUND: neighbors crawl space (said to have come from camp)No.8 : U of Chicago Captains – 1960sFOUND: Salvation Army in grand ave ChicagoNo.9 : Byer of Maine (new!) Plus & Upholstered + chrome diner- 1950sFOUND: Can still get these green canvas new from them (amazing historic company) @byerofmaine No.10: Heywood Wakefield – 1950sFOUND: from the leftovers of an office moveAnd dininghall: all original to camp, circa 1925Photos by @bobcoscarelli (chair portrait) and more friends of camp (DM us if you spot yours, well tag you in)