The lists that matter.Look closer:Thats 8 year old David in 1975 in the # 12 jersey.Just under the home made carved sign WANDAWEGA HILTON.This was the bunkhouse, filled with first generation refugee families spending their summers in the place where they could afford to.Its a good reminder of what matters.They didnt care that there were crappy sheets and no phone.They were happy.The rest didnt matter.I love that they embraced the contrast between the fancy hotel chain and where they were with their loved ones.The sign was one of those routed signs you get made while you wait at the county fair for $5Were the opposite of fancy here.We dont put on airs.If you do, kindly leave them at the gate.A decades old contradiction. The brochures here in the 1940s tried to make this place out as fancy (it never was).Were not even a hotel.Hotels have bellhops. A concierge. We dont even have room keys or somebody to pick up a phone.Which is why its always surprised the hell out of us when we get included on the best of lists. Our first thought is When are we gonna get that letter that says its was a typo?We Iive and die by our Manifesto of Low Expectations (that each guest gets prior to booking). So The irony of having companies, publishers and press like @airbnb, @fodorstravel , @travelandleisure is not lost on us. Partnering with other hotel groups like @Graduatehotels, @sohohouse @Hyatt having us come talk to their brand leads is crazy to us.Maybe the definition of hospitality is evolving to include us little guys with old faucets & box springs?OrMaybe folks are just forgiving when you tell them the truth and dont pretend to be something youre not.Were here for the folks who accept us for who we are, and show up with good intentions, accepting that we have the same.The list were most proud to make is the one that doesnt get enough credit. @wisconsinHistoricalSociety & the National Register of Historic Places.Sometimes you need a reminder to not get too big for your britches.If we ever find that sign were gonna nail it back up.Just to keep the reminder close.