What weve been hiding,andwhats comingCampers have accidentally stumbled back here – this is the back of house just off the Rathskeller..It was a hot mess. .(We finally embraced that you sometimes hafta tear things down to grow it back better). The last few months have been all about rebuilding – everything.WHAT YOULL FIND IF YOU STUMBLE DOWN HERE NOW:all newManiacally organized walls and shelves (that roll!)Stacked with hundreds of labeled inventory bins Shiny shelving & fresh wiring, plus vintage locker banks stocked with new tools.Next-gen Congoleum floor rugs Modern work tables & custom lighting Updating the BOH (Back Of House) with brand new organized operations systems makes our hearts so happy.Under all the years of in-the-making piles, we found a whole new way to work. You know that thing they say about the therapeutic nature of purging & fresh starts? Its real, were addicted, and just getting started. .Excited to start to share all the new projects, products, people, plans and programming for 2023!Four short weeks from now, we kick off the annual OPENING OF CAMP.Good things are coming