Our home sweet homeused to be full of horse sh*t. It was a stable for the teams that pulled wagons of granite blocks that paved Grand Avenue avenue in the 1880s. Later it was a truck barn for @gonnellabakingco . Then a ramshackle photographers studio. The front courtyards brick wall still has horse tack in it from 140 years ago.I wish we still had our old woody here – we packed that thing to nearly collapsing the leaf springs running it to camp for years. Weve rarely shared pics in nearly 18 years, since most folks just follow here for camp stuff. (And we havent assumed that anybody cares to see pics of our house projects anyway?) Even though it doesnt look like it, this place has a history – and has grown as sentimental to us as camp.It took us nearly 3 years to finish.>> scroll for some befores >>(Our budget was just about what it would have taken to buy a condo) so we had to move in Davids parents basement. (In his high school bedroom) to put every penny into building.We dont have an attic, a basement or much of a backyard. The budget ran out before we could the lay floors on the first floor – so we just embraced the concrete- and still are, its well worn now and has grown on us. A former neighbor once told us that it looks like a dentists office Some said it doesnt fit the rest of the neighborhood. But every year there are also some folks who come by – architecture students taking photos for a class assignment, somebody who found it in a book, or just people peering through the brickweave – who like it, too. Part of the reason we love our home is because it didnt come easy. And its even more sentimental to us now because we stayed so close to the friends who made it happen. This coming summer, well host the 9th annual @studiogang company creative retreat at Wandawega. Last shot of Jeanne sharing a drone shot from a past retreat).David and I always said were gonna grow old here. Were well on our way.Photography@greggsegal for @dwellmagazine, @archrecordmag @thayerandco for @anthologymag /@porscheusa (ad)@ryanplett for @wsjviewfinders /Steve Hall of #hedrichblessing for @nytimes privacy screens